Freeway Service Patrol

Free Help for Stranded Freeway Motorists!

Whether it’s a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or an overheated radiator, chances are that one day; you’ll need help on the freeway. Thanks to the Freeway Service Patrol, help is on the way!

The Metro Freeway Service Patrol ( Metro FSP) is an elite team of tow truck drivers patrolling freeways all over Los Angeles County to provide help to stranded motorists and remove traffic accidents to keep traffic going. This service is absolutely free of charge!

The FSP tow trucks reduce traffic congestion by efficiently getting disabled cars running again or by quickly removing those cars from the freeway. FSP also greatly reduces the chances of further incidents caused by onlookers and impatient drivers. In addition, FSP helps save fuel and reduce air polluting emissions by reducing stop-and-go traffic.

Free FSP Services include:

  • Changing flat tires
  • Jump-starting cars
  • Refilling radiators and taping leaky hoses
  • Putting a gallon of fuel in gas tanks
  • If the FSP cannot get the car running within ten minutes, it will tow the car, absolutely free of charge to a safe drop location off the freeway.

Where the FSP Trucks patrol:

FSP trucks operate on over 400 miles of LA County freeways. Service levels (# of trucks) varies by day of week/time of day.

How to use this free service:

FSP patrols the freeways looking for stranded motorists during the specified service times. FSP drivers also receive information from CHP regarding 911 or call box callers requesting assistance. Chances are, if someone is stranded on a freeway, FSP will know about it within a few minutes and will respond as soon as possible.

You can also dial 511 from your cellphone to obtain assistance during normal FSP service hours.