User Tips


Ways to access 511:

Try 511 on the web:

  1. Visit
  2. Browse the website to look for traffic, public transit and other traveler information relative to your commute and/or your agency.
  3. When you’re done, click on “FEEDBACK” at the bottom of any page and write a message about your experience using and suggestions for improvement. Please remember to tell us what time you visited the website, the browser you were using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) and exactly what area in the website you were browsing.

Try 511 on the phone:

  1. Call 511. If you are calling from work, you might need to ask your telecom department to add 511 as an authorized number to your telephone system. If you are calling outside of LA, Orange or Ventura County, call 877.22.Go511.
  2. Follow the simple instructions to get the information you want. For example, for up to the minute traffic information, simply say “traffic” and follow the instructions.
  3. When you’re done, say “FEEDBACK”. Here you can leave a message about your experience calling 511, and suggestions for improvement.

511 Phone Tips
511 is easy to use because it’s fully voice activated; you don’t need to punch numbers on the phone to get the information you need.  Use our 511 phone tips to help you find the information you need:

  • Use shortcuts: If you already know what you want, just say it. Also, you don’t need to wait for 511 to finish the question; you can interrupt and 511 will still understand you.
  • Speak loud and clear: 511 will understand you better if you speak loudly and clearly.
  • Try touch tones: 511 will have a hard time understanding you if there’s too much noise in the background. Having trouble? Press *8 to use your touchtone keypad at anytime.